Spring Lake, North Carolina

Spring Lake, NC: An Intimate Dive into its History, Neighborhoods, and Notable Attractions

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. History of Spring Lake
  3. Neighborhoods of Spring Lake
  4. Notable Attractions
  5. Statistical Data
  6. Conclusion


Located in the heart of North Carolina, Spring Lake is a vibrant and charming city that serves as a gateway to the Sandhills and beyond. The city’s southern hospitality, rich history, scenic beauty, and varied attractions make it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike. This article explores Spring Lake‘s history, neighborhoods, notable attractions, and relevant statistical data, providing a comprehensive view of this fascinating city.

History of Spring Lake

Established in 1951, Spring Lake’s roots stretch back to the mid-18th century, with the settlement of the Overhills region. Initially, it was an agrarian society before transitioning into a town filled with lumber and turpentine camps due to the vast pine forests in the region.

The town took its name from a clearwater lake to the south of the town. Its picturesque beauty, similar to that of a natural spring, led to its naming as “Spring Lake.”

Throughout the 20th century, Spring Lake evolved in conjunction with nearby Fort Bragg, a major U.S. Army installation. This close relationship has helped shape the character of the town, fostering a sense of community and resilience that is distinctively Spring Lake.

Neighborhoods of Spring Lake

Spring Lake, while relatively small, is home to a variety of neighborhoods, each offering unique features and distinct vibes. Below is a table detailing some of the most notable neighborhoods in Spring Lake:

Neighborhood NameNotable Features
Anderson CreekKnown for Anderson Creek Golf Club, it’s a prominent gated community.
Overhills CreekOffers various recreational amenities and is home to the popular Overhills Creek Park.
Manchester ForestRenowned for its quiet and peaceful environment, offering a serene, suburban living.
DeerfieldIdeal for families, boasting excellent schools and kid-friendly parks.
Cumberland EstatesFeatures well-maintained homes and close-knit community vibes.

Notable Attractions

Spring Lake offers several notable attractions that enrich the lives of its residents and draw in tourists.

  • Carvers Creek State Park: With its hiking trails, picnic areas, and fishing spots, this state park is a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Anderson Creek Golf Club: Located in the Anderson Creek neighborhood, this golf club provides a top-rated golf experience along with other amenities like a swimming pool and fitness center.
  • Spring Lake Outpost: A popular destination for outdoor adventures offering canoeing, kayaking, and camping facilities.
  • Fort Bragg Clay Target Center: A great destination for sport shooting enthusiasts.

Statistical Data

As of the latest available data:

  • Population: Spring Lake is home to approximately 13,000 residents.
  • Median Age: The median age in Spring Lake is 25.6 years, which is lower than the national average, reflecting a relatively young and vibrant community.
  • Median Household Income: The median household income is around $36,000 per year, slightly below the national average.
  • Home Value: The median home value in Spring Lake is approximately $130,000.
  • Crime Rate: Spring Lake’s crime rate is below the national average, contributing to the town’s appeal for families and retirees.


Spring Lake, NC is a city that prides itself on community spirit, historical roots, and beautiful landscapes. Its neighborhoods offer a range of living experiences from suburban serenity to gated luxury, while its attractions cater to an array of interests from outdoor pursuits to golfing. Despite its small size, it offers a rich, diverse experience for those who call it home or choose to visit. The people, history, and charm of Spring Lake truly make it a city worth exploring.